Health & Nutrition


Staying Healthy

By introducing a variety of fresh and healthy foods, we will help install proper and positive eating habits for the future.

Healthy food





Healthy Food



Depending on how long you spend with us we will be offering breakfast and afternoon snack. Most of our meals will be home made and as locally grown and organic as possible. There will be a simplified menu for those who are just being introduced to solid foods.



Due to the recent COVID 19 pandemic, Mountain Munchkins will no longer supply food. All meals, including snack, will be provided by the family. We still will be encouraging healthy eating habits and proper table manners.

We respect the wishes of the parents of our infants, whether you choose to breastfeed, formula feed or both. We will help support any of your decisions and stick with your home feeding route.

Clean, Sanitize, & Disinfect

Hand washing, as we know, is the best way to reduce the risk of spreading germs, so Mountain Munchkins has a fun song we sing twice every time we wash our hands.


These terms may sound the same, but Mountain Munchkins knows there is a BIG difference between them all. We have a daily, weekly and monthly schedule for each one of these in our home. Using only environmentally friendly, EPA approved products.



Staying Healthy Washing Hands

Wash Wash Wash Your Hands Till Their Nice And Clean. Wash The Tops Wash The Backs, Even In Between. 



Our cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting will be brought to a whole new level. Most all brought to the disinfecting level. In addition to our daily disinfecting, we will also be adding more hand washing and daily health checks. There will be a full detailed section, in our contract, explain exactly how we plan to keep you family safe. Please feel free to call us for more details as well.